The active ingredients in this vaccine are dendritic cells designed to activate the patient’s immune system to restore their body’s ability to control the activities of cancer cells

In cases of oncological illness, the immune system is not capable of controlling the growth of tumour cells. To restore the system’s functions, it is necessary to modulate its activities using immunotherapy.


Blood monocytes are first isolated from the patient and then converted into dendritic cells in the laboratory. These cells are used to make DCV by saturating them with the patient’s cancer antigens and allowing them to mature. DCV does not affect the cancer directly; the therapeutic effect is instead caused by “nurturing” the immune system so that rather than tolerating the cancer cells, it recognizes them and takes action to control their activities.


Individual types of cancer immunotherapy can be applied to the treatment of melanoma, kidney cancer, prostate cancer and gliomas of the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord). They can also be used to treat other malignancies, according to the doctor’s permission.


Immunotherapy treatments for cancer are performed at a medical institution, and our laboratory will produce and issue a certified preparation for use at such an establishment in line with a doctor’s prescription. The doctor’s treatment plan for the patient can consist of combining the dendritic cell vaccine with other standard methods of cancer therapy.