We are the country’s only biotechnology company that individually manufactures ATMPs for each patient. We do this by using patients’ own tissues and cells.

We continually invest in research on the production and development of new medicinal products for use in advanced therapies, and have worked intensively on this over the last few years with our partners from Lithuania, Austria, Estonia and Czech Republic. In the course of this research, we are investigating new methods of cancer immunotherapy.



Product Application Accessibility
SVF (stromal vascular fraction) cell product

We harvest stem cells from adipose tissue that has regenerative properties for damaged cartilage tissue, sagging skin and wounds.

Produced since Autumn 2014.
Dendritic cell vaccine This procedure activates the patient’s immune system by directing it not to tolerate cancer cells, but instead to recognize these cells and act to control their activities. Produced since the start of 2016.
T-cell product This medicine is used for the treatment of multiple sclerosis. It helps to stop the immune system’s response to the nerve-covering insulating layer of myelin. Poduced since January 2018.