About company

­We are the first and only biotechnology company in Lithuania manufacturing advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) individually for each patient. We develop our products using patients’ own tissues and cells in the manufacturing process, and by addressing the specific needs of each person. All our processes are carried out using the most advanced technologies for somatic cell therapy.

We started our business in 2014, after combining the knowledge and long-standing experience of qualified biomedical doctors, molecular biologists and biotechnologists, and establishing an adipose tissue bank. In 2015 we established an ATMP manufacturing site in Vilnius.

We continually keep investing in research related to the production and development of new medicinal products for use in advanced therapies, with the aim to expand the field of personalized therapy in Lithuania. The results of all the scientific research carried out by our scientists are officially published in peer-reviewed journals, and we vigorously participate in projects in collaboration with domestic and foreign biotechnology companies, tissue banks, universities and other scientific institutions.


We provide tissue bank services in accordance with License No. 3635 issued by the State Health Care Accreditation Agency under the Ministry of Health. We also manufacture ATMPs in accordance with Permit No. 2. issued by the Ministry of Health. We also work with 5 more licenses that allow the production of ATMP for individual clients with a doctor’s prescription: 1) License No. 2 for dendritic cell activated with oncolysate (DLP); 2) License No. 3 for the Cytokine Induced Killer cell preparation (CIK); 3) License No. 4 for the T – Cell Vacination (TCV), 4) License No. 5 for the Proprietary Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVFP).

Head of Research and Development

After defending my dissertation on stem cells, I earned a PhD in Biomedicine from Vilnius University in 2008. Since then, I have worked at laboratories in Israel, Sweden, Belgium and Czech Republic.


I gained practical knowledge while working in tissue engineering at the Institute of Cardiology at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, also at the cord blood stem cell bank as a head of laboratory. I currently work in National Cancer Institute of Lithuania as well as Froceth in the areas of cell technologies and the implementation of GMP for making medicinal products used in advanced therapies.


I continuously develop my skills in fields including stem cell harvesting, evaluation, growth in bioreactors, cell carcass design, flow cytometry and molecular biology techniques.


Head of Quality

My pathway in biology began in 2011, when I earned a bachelor’s degree in the subject at Vilnius University. I later gained a master’s degree in Biolaw at Mykolas Romeris University. During my studies, I developed my knowledge of legal regulations in biotechnology, the supervision of biomedical research, the medical, ethical and legal aspects of gene technology, legal liability in biomedicine, and legal regulations for advanced therapies in the European Union.


I regularly participate in scientific conferences, at which I strive to deepen my knowledge of the ethical and legal aspects of human stem cell research, the responsibilities of healthcare institutions and doctors, the management of quality-control systems (such as ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 13485, HACCP), and the implementation of rules for GMP in the development of advanced medicines.



Head of Manufacturing

I started my grownup research career in 2011, when I graduated from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences in Poland with Master Engineer in Biotechnology degree. I did internship in the National Institute of Public Health in Warsaw, where I gained knowledge of the daily routine of an analytical laboratory. I performed research in the National Medicines Institute, Laboratory of Virology, which is the only laboratory in Poland licensed to work with functional HIV strains; work there gave me confidence in my manual skills. I first came in contact with major league science during my project in Ghent University, Belgium, Department of Molecular Biotechnology, which led to my graduation with a Master Engineer degree in Biotechnology. Finally, I completed my PhD research in Vytautas Magnus University and Center for Innovative Medicine in Lithuania.


Through many internships and projects, I developed crucial skills in the field of GMP – related laboratory maintenance and quality systems. I pursue my interests in individualized anti-cancer therapy and autologous and xenogeneic anti-cancer vaccinations.


Director of administration and export

I earned a master’s degree in Biolaw at Mykolas Romeris University in 2014. This has equipped me to combine legal, ethical and medical knowledge, and to use it in the multidisciplinary and rapidly changing biomedical environment to provide socially responsible solutions for situations involving unclear legal profiles that constantly emerge in the biomedical field.


I constantly seek to build on the knowledge I acquired during my studies by participating in various scientific conferences on research into human stem cells, the associated therapeutic possibilities, and the ethical and legal aspects of this treatment in the European Union. I am also interested in innovations taking place in biolaw, biopolitics, health law, health politics, biomedicine and procreation, and have developed expertise in requirements for Good Manufacturing Practices.